A space for parents fo feel supported and become more confident in their journey to creating their ultimate family life...

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welcome to the happy parenting community!
Empowering your family
The Happy Parenting Community is a space for parents to feel supported and become more confident in their journey to creating their ultimate family life.
Combined with coaching for children or separately you will be able to learn the skills of coaching to help you child navigate the ups and downs of life. Coaching also means you have someone on your team who can answer all your questions that are unique to your child and family.
Coaching for children
Sometimes kids will listen to someone else…
If your child is going through a difficult time such as divorce, behaviour problems at school, social issues or has problems managing their emotions then help is not far away. Perhaps you are considering that they have a more in-depth issue, this will be the place to start .
Family Coaching
When two people come together to parent it is rarely smooth sailing.
You both grew up in different environments and probably with different parenting styles. Thing is children will play you off each of you because of these differences and this leads to even more problems with your child’s behaviour.
Monthly Workshops
Hosting monthly 1 ½ hour workshops covering important topics in parenting such as, “Helping your Anxious Child” and “Getting your Child to Listen”.

All workshops are online and, in the evening, so that parents can attend form the comfort of their own home. 
The Happy Parenting Community is a space for parent to feel supported and become more confident in their journey to creating their ultimate family life.
Kathy Wyber
hi I'm Kathy!
I’m a mum to four, now young adults, and I’ve been working with children and the adults who surround them all my working life. I’ve seen every possible parenting situation you can imagine and what I’ve learnt is there is always a solution, sometimes a creative one.
I know firsthand how challenging and perplexing our child’s behaviour can be. My own children’s behaviour led me to ask, “Is that normal?” almost daily. 
 I found parenting to be a journey for me personally. It was like all my worst qualities were amplified and reflected back at me. There were many days when I didn’t like what I saw!

During my formal education, I learnt about child development but that didn’t prepare me for the day to day life with children. I learnt what I know today by researching and finding what worked. I am by no means the perfect parent (just ask my kids!) and firmly believe this to be an illusion and unhelpful for our children.

I realised that parenting is an adventure of twists and turns, unexpected hurdles, pitfalls and times of exhilaration. That you never know what the next challenge will be, and the purpose is not to be prepared but open and flexible to find the solution for your child and family.
Life will always happen, and we want our children to be resilient, happy and successful adults, that no matter what comes their way they will know how to handle it and be stronger for it.

... and This is my formal bio
Kathy has been an educator since 1989, teaching pre-schoolers to tweens, which has led her to work with children and the adults who surround them in many capacities.

While raising her four children she trained as a counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and supported mothers through a 24hr telephone helpline, running new mother’s groups and facilitating support groups.

Among her many life adventures, while three of her children were under 5, she travelled to China for work, where she project-managed the building of Gold Arch International Preschool and became the Director. Upon returning to Australia she had her fourth child and returned to counsel and support mothers and her first profession teaching.

Kathy’s vision is to help parents find their beautiful and happy children again, by learning the skills to manage children’s difficult behaviours. Through working with her, your child can discover their own ways of managing their behaviour and you as parents can learn skills so that you can confidently tackle any situation.

As parents we always look for ways to do the best we can for our children. I am here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please use this form and I will get back to you asap. Alternatively you can get in contact by Facebook messenger. Look forward to connecting with you!
let's chat
I have had the pleasure of having numerous dealings with Kathy in many areas of her business. She is such an absolute wealth of knowledge and the solutions she has for any issues are just amazing. I have had the pleasure of joining in on one of her parenting workshops and it was like a light bulb moment for many things for me with 3 boys all under school age. The way she explains things, make you realise that solutions to problems are not as difficult as what you initially would have thought and it made it very easy to implement.
Thank you for everything you do Kathy. Both in business and personally. I am very grateful to have met you. Xo
- sam collins
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