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Empowering you inspire others
When it comes to learning how to speak in public, you need a safe space to prepare, practice and overcome speaking and camera fear... you are in the right place
Training and consulting with Kathy
Working with Kathy means you have a personalised professional service. 

This will start with an initial consultation to identify your specific needs. Kathy’s background is education from Preschool to Primary, counselling and life coaching gives her a unique blend of trainer, facilitator, behavioural expert and change agent.

Some of the areas Kathy has worked in include:
* Aligning mission, vision and values
* Developing a culture for change
* Teaching 21st skills
* Curriculum development
* Growth mindset
* Behavioural management strategies
* 4 quadrant planning
* Communication & speakers training, including how to have those difficult team conversations
* DISC™ behavioural profiling
* Meta Dynamics™ for leadership

Combined with coaching for children or separately you will be able to learn the skills of coaching to help you child navigate the ups and downs of life. Coaching also means you have someone on your team who can answer all your questions that are unique to your child and family.
Coaching for children
Sometimes kids will listen to someone else…
If your child is going through a difficult time such as divorce, behaviour problems at school, social issues or has problems managing their emotions then help is not far away. Perhaps you are considering that they have a more in-depth issue, this will be the place to start .

The Happy Parenting Community is a space for parent to feel supported and become more confident in their journey to creating their ultimate family life.
hi I'm Kathy! 
Mum to four, educator and coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator.

I’m pleased you’re here because that means you are thinking about training for your staff and perhaps, you’re wanting to know just who this person is…

I’ve been an educator from a very young age and worked with young people all my life. At 16 I was a swim instructor. At 21 a newly graduated primary school teacher. At 29 Mum to four small children and director and project manager of a new preschool in Guangzhou, China, Gold Arch International Preschool. At 32 Mum to 4 and a counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. At 34 a trainer for new counsellors. At 38 a qualified teacher librarian. At 50 a life coach. At 52 accredited in behavioral profiling and at 54 an accredited trainer and facilitator.

Although my beginnings are with children, I have found my passion in all education and training. I love that I can share an idea or process, break it down and allow others to create new meaning that can change their thinking and actions...
Kathy went above and beyond, providing expert knowledge, advice, accountability and support to the speakers both prior to and during the event.
I hired Kathy from Mindset to Inspire to train and mentor a group of speakers presenting at an online business summit.

Feedback from the speakers was consistently positive, with many sharing that they experienced significant shifts after working with Kathy and felt far more confident about executing their presentations. Kathy is highly professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a trainer. I would be more than happy to engage Kathy’s services again in the future.

Thank you so much Kathy for providing us such a powerhouse resource! If you are struggling at all with your presentation book in with Kathy Immediately!!! I feel like the weight of doubt has been lifted and I'm now floating on optimism and opportunity 
Rachel Middleton
The staff had a wonderful session. Lots of great feedback such as “I didn’t realise how simple the solution was until Kathy pointed it out” “I have so much more understanding about how to ask the children for their feedback than before”

They are a great bunch. I appreciate their willingness to learn and try new things.
Three smaller sessions were perfect to really personalise and cater to what they needed and wanted at that time. You have such a great skill to help each person grow their own personal understanding and sometimes help them to see what is right in front of them in a non-confronting way. Thanks for all the wonderful support.
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